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Technical assistance

The role of TAI is not only to assist its customers in times of trouble, but also to be proactive by conducting risk prevention, reminding about the rules of the road, and providing all the essential information that a driver may need throughout the journey.
Our goal is to put people at the heart of the assistance process . Too often neglected at the expense of the vehicle, the driver is nonetheless the one who must be assisted first! For this, TAI offers a solution for medical assistance to the driver and passengers in addition to vehicle assistance.

For a transport company it is imperative not to become immobile on the road in case of an accident or a technical problem with the vehicle.
They need a fast, efficient and professional solution.... 24/7!

Technical assistance guarantees from TAI apply for any type of professional vehicle.

In the case of :

A breakdown that could have cost me dearly

"I was delivering appliances to Kassel. On the German Autobahn, at 1:30 in the morning, a tire burst on my trailer. I immediately called the number on my TAI card. Half an hour later, a mechanic was on hand and TAI took care of the dialogue. At 3am, I was ready to set off. I not only arrived in Kassel on time, but I also had no fees to pay! "

John, 48, a HGV driver in an SME